• Fast tile removal with the National 5700 Ride on lifter

    5700 National Floor Lifter smlPop, pop, pop. The National Floor lifter has arrived on site and is in action, lifting up tiles fast.

    This recent project was in a Westfield Shopping centre Target store where the flooring was being upgraded. The alternative to getting this floor covering removed quickly was using 4 x guys on the end of a jackhammer for the duration of a night shift while the store was closed.


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  • Hospital floors levelled with Portamix Hippo mixers

    PortamixHippo - Master Floor PrepIt’s all happening at Lismore Hospital. Here’s another 2 Portamix Hippo Mixers on their way to prep the floor. Keeping the boys mixing on site, these are the first two from the shipment received this week. Stay posted for more pictures of this project on our All Preparation Equipment LinkedIn page.


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  • Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote applies to floor preparation.

    What is CSP“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote applies even to flooring.It’s absolutely essential your floors are prepared correctly before laying a floor covering, applying a coating, and starting the concrete polishing process.



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  • Lifting vinyl floor coverings is easy with the Razorback Extreme

    GC Razorback Floor Removal1There is so many ways to remove floor coverings. As anyone who’s done it would know it’s a tough job lifting flooring by hand, using a scraper, blade or your own strength, which is why machines and equipment have been designed to make the process a fast, easy and effective one. ..


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  • Polyweave floor protection is the leader in temporary floor protection

    Polyweave sheeting laid under wallsRecently there has been a demand for commercial floor protection to ensure dirty footprints, heavy equipment traffic and dust doesn’t soil or damaged new floor coverings that are laid or create more work just before handover on existing floors.


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  • Video: Guys working on their new machines

    Concrete floor preparation - Husqvarna grinderWe want to say THANKS! After a busy few weeks, we’ve been working day and night with contractors setting up a lot of floor grinders, floor lifting machines and dust control vacuums and extraction tools.

    Here is a link to take a look at some of the work our valued flooring contractors have been doing – lifting, levelling and preparing to lay new floor coverings or concrete coatings. ..

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  • WIN a $1000 Pre-paid VISA Gift card

    gift card promotWe’re saying thanks to our valued customers by giving away 1 x $1000 Gift voucher this financial year. Every purchase over $500 wins an entry in the draw . ..

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  • Massive $$ savings on Jack hammer trolley frame for End of financial year

    jack hammer trolley frame smlAre you still struggling to remove tiles with your jack hammer? The Jack hammer Mega Chipper trolley has been designed for fast, easy and efficient tile removal.


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  • What diamond will grind off thick glue, fast?

    PCD diamond grinding wheelHave you ever felt like your the only one struggling to remove glues, epoxy floor coatings or waterproofing membranes from a concrete surface? There is a diamond to help make the process faster.


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  • Production for concrete preparation doubled with the DSM250

    250 floor grinder removing glue DSM2502 weeks into this concrete preparation and levelling project, contractors have become raving fans of the DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder – and its high production.

    Giving a good keyed concrete finish in a single pass ready for applying of a concrete floor coating, the DSM250 has been running continuous 14 hour days in and out of small room areas to give the maximum production.

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  • 3 Reasons why Polished Concrete flooring is on more commercial projects

    Polished Concrete floorsConcrete flooring is everywhere; it’s under just about every floor you walk on.

    Polished concrete is a tough, hard wearing floor surface that gives multiple advantages. A few of these we’ve expanded on below, but in summary: they retain their smart, beautiful appearance for years to come.

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  • Concrete Floor Grinding, do it right the first time

    DSM250 Grinder epoxy coating sml ‘I have been using the Schwamborn DSM250 for over 6 weeks and the time saved and the flexibility in preparing surface edges has reduced time on site. Thank you to the team at All Preparation Equipment for their excellent ongoing service and advice.’

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  • Stirred by Innovation, we’re introducing the Pelican

    Pelican Portamix Hippo cartThe Pelican, is the personal assistant to the Mega Hippo Mixing Station. Proudly being the stockists of the Portamix Hippo, we’re introducing the new Pelican Hippo cart – manufactured in New Zealand. ..



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  • When removing floor coverings, it’s often tough, sweaty, hard work.

    Roll RO2 Floor Lifter removing vinyl floorcoverings smlHave you seen the floor lifting machines that are track mounted?

    Making floor removal and floor stripping projects during defit and refurbishment run even faster the ROLL RO Floor Strippers are turning tough back breaking work into an easier ‘walk or ride around the job.’

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    Facebook pictureLike us or want to Follow us to get all the latest tips & tricks, news & reviews?


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  • Save $ on temporary floor and surface protection

    PolyweaveFloorProtection - web
    If you’re looking for effective, no-fuss floor protection (not to mention affordable!), our Polyweave Protection Rolls are the perfect choice. They’re on sale now too so grab them at discounted prices today!

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  • The only flexible spiked shoes with no buckles, straps or adjustments

    ShoeIn Flexible spiked coating shoesFlexible Shoe-In Spiked shoes recently stepped into Australia to make the life of every flooring applicator easier.

    Being a premium spiked shoe they have No buckles, no straps and require no adjustment, and they are the only ones we know of like it. With a simple step of your boot in and out of the shoe you don’t need to bend over to make any adjustments !

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  • ‘I wish to be a big advocate for Schwamborn …

    650mm floor grinderProductive, powerful, proven.

    It’s the Schwamborn DSM650S Planetary Grinding machine that has taken hundreds of concrete floor polishing contractors to a new level.

    Concrete floor polishing is everywhere, it’s growing. Take a look around at Bunnings floors, Masters a number of chain stores, and new shop fit outs. The question is what is the best … ..

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  • Floor removal made so easy with our self-propelled floor lifter

    Self Propelled floor stripperCould floor lifting & removal be any faster, easier or simpler?

    We don’t think so! Removing floor coverings is a breeze with a self-propelled floor lifting machine – like the RO-2 ROLL stripper.

    When you’re removing LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring coverings from a concrete substrate or floor, you need a higher removal performance. Especially when the floor covering is extremely well bonded with a tacky adhesive. Read More

  • Concrete floor preparation taken to the next level

    DSM400 Concrete floor grinder Are you really getting your floor preparation done in the fastest possible time? All Preparation Equipment offers the range of Schwamborn concrete floor grinders to contractors needing speed, efficiency and reliability on site.

    The Schwamborn DSM400 Floor Grinder is now available in 240V and 400V in order to meet the demands of every project site. Ideal for a light grinding, glue removal, removing high spots or to get a good key for applying your next product.

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  • Concrete scarifier helps resurface concrete driveways

    Coating removed from concrete with scarifierWith the new year comes a new direction and new tools for our client, a contracting team who’ve been pouring concrete for many years. Noticing many flaking and peeling decorative or painted concrete driveways, they recognised a new direction for their business: removing and resurfacing them.

    To make the most of their new business opportunity, they needed a fast solution that would leave a heavy, consistent key, ready for them to quickly resurface over one driveway after another. Each driveway had paint or coating 5mm thick or more, so the removal process needed to be one that would save them time and money.

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  • Portamix Hippo wins more remedial concrete work thanks to strong grout

    Grout mixed with Portamix hippo mixer‘The Portamix Hippo mixer gave the grout a higher strength than what was expected – and as a result, gave us more work than we expected,’ said Ryan, the on-site Project Manager at the container wharfs.

    Thanks to the Portamix Hippo mixer the product could be mixed faster, which gave the grout a higher strength, ready to pass Quality Assurance Testing.

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  • Concrete floor preparation ready for High Build Epoxy coating

    240V 400mm Concrete grinderAcross a floor of 30sqm in an old warehouse, quality concrete floor preparation was needed prior to applying a high build commercial epoxy floor coating.

    Using the DSM400 Schwamborn grinder the best possible finished was given using a soft bond diamond, 16 grit to leave a good scratch pattern for the epoxy to bond to.

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  • Concrete floor becomes a statement piece with epoxy floor coating

    Concrete epoxy floor coatingIn the busy working hub of Milton, Brisbane contractor Nathan Young from Apex Epoxy was called on to turn an old warehouse floor into an impressive office floor by preparing it and applying a concrete coating.

    After a major structural refurbishment, the building was to be the office space for architects and designers who wanted to keep with the look of the old industrial concrete floor.

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  • Schwamborn grinders give highest production for warehouse concrete floor

    DSM800 three phase Schwamborn GrinderSchwamborn grinders come in all sizes to give you the fastest possible production. The largest in our range is the smooth-operating Schwamborn DSM800S three phase machine.

    When floor preparation is required to get a floor down flat and consistent, the three phase planetary Schwamborn grinder was the only machine that gave the finish that was needed on the concrete floor.

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